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„ Cow „ 16 min / feature film / honor for best production. Is a short movie about the village on the austrian countryside. The doctor get the order to hunt a cow, wich is escaped from the slaughterhouse.
„ to remember „ 100 min / documentary / 2014 This documentary is about a small city in Austria directly at the czech border. His history telling startet in the first world war until now.
„ the poor little matchgirl „ 43 min / feature film / 2013 The famous story from Hans Christian Andersen about the little girl, who must sell matches in the night of the new year and die.
„ potio „ 98 min / feature film / 2011 This story shows, how destructive jealousy can be. a possessive officer brutally forces his lover to make an unimaginable decision.
„ the threadbutton „ 20 min / documentary / 2010 The last threadbutton workshop show us, how they make this wunderful artworks by hand.
„ I smell paprika trees „ 100 min / documentary / 2019 Let's wobble the island. That was the mood at the race around Ireland. Five days non-stop around the island. Close to madness. Funny, hard and exciting.
„ Time „ 100 min / documentary / 2018 Gerald Robbins, a pianist of classical music from New York fulfilled his dream and visited Vienna in his old years. The breeding ground for the old masters of classical music.
„ up to the edge „ 100 min / documentary / 2017 Race around Austria is one of the hardest cycle race in the world. An up and down in the landscape. We accompany Stefan Schrenk and his team close to failure.
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